21st Century Skills in Pleasant Plains Schools

Today's Web 2.0 world has a plethora of ideas and funny-named tools. Some of these tools have been around a long time (2-3 years) and some of them may have just been created yesterday. Web 2.0 is an ever-changing collaboration arena where "the only limitation is someone's imagination."

Join us as we explore some of these areas. Dr. Leigh Zeitz ( will take you on a tour of technological possibilities that you might want to include in your curriclum

Please add to these lists as you find new resources. Change them even as we speak today. This is designed to improve the interactive nature of this learning experience.

Hopefully, this will expand our opportunities to collaborate.

Here are some of the links to the topics covered in the workshop:

National Business Education Association Standards page

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards - Students (NETS-S) & National Educational Technology Standards - Teachers (NETS-T)

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Iowa Core Curriculum
Illinois State Board of Education--Career and Tech Education Page

Wiki Applications:
  • Latino Pride

Google Docs -



Video Conferencing
  • Skype - Free downloadable application (good for 1 on 1 video and audio)
  • ooVoo - Free downloadable application (good for up to 6 participants video and audio)

  • What is the future of American business/manufacturing/commerce? I think it will be in the conceptual aspects of business--creativity, innovation, marketing, packaging, etc. Our challenge is to create curriculum that facilitiates these. Our challenge is to Tfind instructional methods that develop the skills.
  • The NETS-S standards reflect these changes.
  • I like the idea regarding students asking "What if I. . ." I think it is a simple way to check if students are engaged.
  • I love the idea of having the ROP video taped and placed on YouTube. I think that it is a great way to cover the material and to be able to disseminate the info to kids.
  • John Langley--we need to get those podcasts up. which podcasts?
  • Do we need to change? If so, what's first?
  • Collaboration is a key....what are examples of successful collaboration in our district/building? What are the barriers for collaboration? What do we need to collaborate more effectively or frequently?
  • At the elementary level, I worry about protecting the privacy of my students while they are using the web based applications. How can this best be addressed?
  • Elementary students also have a habit of clicking on all of the links that are available on the free applications. While I keep an eye on the students while they are in class, I would like the students to access the programs from home, but cannot guarantee the students won't access the links while they are working from home.
  • Tech savvy vs. tech comfy: this is a good teaching point. Also, having
  • Terri's idea re: having ROP "presentations" posted/podcasted, etc. I also like the idea of collaborative work.
  • twitter
  • Roberto Muffaletto: Kids should be able to text a friend for an answer; have them use google to answer a questions; have them be able to collaboratively find those answers. This is an interesting issue--Use their world to help them learn better.
  • this is a challenging assertion.
  • University of the People
  • Distance Learning--Virtual high schools don't use the power of the media.