Web 2.0 Extras

(They don't fit anywhere else . . .)


Turns long URLs into much shorter and usable URLs.


Graphics-based index of Web 2.0 utilities.

Mousepose' from Boinx Software

This is the software that was used to highlight the mouse pointer during the presentation by Rob Galloway (UNI)

BECTA Report (2008)

Becta is the UK government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning. See their most recent research findings on Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom.

Clicker (Salling)

Program that Dr. Z used on his Treo smartphone to control their PowerPoint presentation.

Educause's Horizon Report, 2008

Educause's 2008 annual report highlight six emerging instructional technologies to watch.

Exhibit With Timeline

Program from MIT that allows for easy, possibly collaborative creation of interactive exhibits with timelines and other embedded media. Can use a Google spreadsheet as the basis for all of the data. An example of such an Exhibit can be seen in the Interactive Composer Database.

A Vision of Student's Today, 2007

A short YouTube Video from Kansas State University's Mike Wesch's anthropology class of how students spend time in the digital world.

Introduction to YouTube, 2008

This one-hour video by Mike Wesch (Kansas State University) is an anthropological introduction to You Tube.

photo: flickr.com/temp13rec