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This page is designed to provide you with access to the resources he uses and mentions, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for you to post your own references that you would like to share with other people in the room or those who find this later.

Look in the left column and you will find links to dozens of other pages. This is an ever-growing set of resources that we use in workshops and presentations. People from all over the world are using and adding to these resources so you should do just the same.

Helpful Hints: Remember that a wiki is just a website with an Edit button so all that you have to do to make a change is to click the Edit button above and then enter your information as though you were using a word processor. If you want to enter a link, you just need to highlight the phrase you want to link and then click on the Link button above. Click the External Link tab and then the Add Link button and you will be linked up.

Innovating Education slideshow at Slideshare.com

Pew Internet Research on Millennials

Change to Learn, Learn to Change video which has experts in the field discussing how education needs to change.

21st Century Learning at Partners for 21st Century Skills.

Van Meter Schools, Iowa - John Carver, Superintendent.
Van Meter students interviewed by Judy Jeffries in April, 2010

Air Conditioning London - London Olympics 2012
Flat Classroom Projects - Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis
NetGenEd 2010 Projects with Don Tapscott
Australian Hip Hop with Camira

Video showing how Dr. Wesch uses a website portal to provide a place for students to collaborate in writing ideas during and after lectures.
Dr. Wesch Anthropology Portal used in the video. It looks a little different than the video but well worth exploring to see how the students are interacting.