Web 2.0 and Digital Natives



What do you know about Web 2.0 and ICT and Millennials?

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This is really cool.

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**Web 2.0 and Digital Natives (Millennials)**

It's NOT about the product
It's about the Process

It's NOT about the Gadgets
It's about the Vision

Phone Polls

Poll Everywhere - polleverywhere.com

Public Idea Pads (EtherPads)
Sync.in - Allows many people to add information to a common webpage without having to create accounts.


ISTE NETS-S - National Educational Technology Standards for Students
ISTE NETS-T - National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers
ISTE NETS-A - National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators

Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants (Marc Prentsky)

Managing Millennials
What is a Millennial anyway?
The Boomers Had Their Day. Make Way for the Millennials.
Bricolage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bricolage

Today's Web Statistics

TED Talks presentation by Kevin Kelly
Horizon Report

Children, play, and computers in pre-school education

Google Tools

Google Docs
Google Docs in Plain English video


Dr. Z Reflects- Educational Technology innovations reviewed by Dr. Z