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Network Tapestry

Using Social Media Applications to Build Your Personal Learning Network

original editors: Lois Lindell& Leigh Zeitz

Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) using today's Web 2.0 tools provide users with a mechanism to manage information flows from the web. Contribute to our growing collection of resources on learning networks!

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Origins of PLNs:

General PLN Resources:

Video Resources:

PLN Collectors (Aggregators)
These are the programs that you can use to collect your links to the resources and people on your PLN. There are many more (please add them as you think of them) but these have been selected because they can be used to easily collect links to multiple resources (e.g., blogs, news, twitters, social bookmarking, etc)
Print Materials:
- 2-page intro to iGoogle by Dr. Leigh Zeitz
- tri-fold information with URLS and contact information from the ISTE 2010 workshop, June 29, 2010 facilitated by Leigh Zeitz and Lois Lindell, University of Nothern Iowa

Link to for Emerging Instructional Technology course during Summer 2010 at the University of Northern Iowa materials

Diigo Resources

RSS Feeds
- Note written by Lois Lindell about using RSS feeds to journals found in resource databases. This is specifically written for the UNI Rod Library but the instructions are generalizable to many databases.

Workshop Presentation Slides (on SlideShare)

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