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Delicious Educational Examples (Applies to all Social Bookmarking)

  • Lincoln Elementary Library (Cedar Falls, IA) - Librarian has a page of bookmarks for students of different grade levels. She tagged the sites with the grade level (i.e., fourth) and all of the fourth grade tagged bookmarks appear when that cloud tag is clicked. Once they are on that delicious page, additional tags are in the right column to narrow down the topic selection (i.e., fourth + art).
  • Delicious Libraries
  • Delicious Classrooms? (I couldn't find any. Maybe you can search and contribute some suggestions.)
    • Socialbookmarkingeducation wiki by Diana Benner - A wonderful site filled with classroom examples of Social Bookmarking. Diana shared this with me through Twitter. She created it for a Social Bookmarking workshop that she presented.

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