Becoming an Active Web 2.0-er


Today's Web 2.0 world has a plethora of ideas and funny-named tools. Some of these tools have been around a long time (2-3 years) and some of them may have just been created yesterday. Web 2.0 is an ever-changing collaboration arena where "the only limitation is someone's imagination." The Google Presenter slides are at http://docs.google.com/Presentation?docid=dd4vrn3_480dgwn4qd5&hl=en

Join us as we explore some of these areas. AECT conference workshop facilitators: Leigh Zeitz (leigh.zeitz@uni.edu), Lois Lindell (lois.lindell@uni.edu), and Robin Galloway (robin.galloway@uni.edu)

Please add to these lists as you find new resources. Change them even as we speak today. This is designed to improve the interactive nature of this learning experience.

Hopefully, this will expand our opportunities to collaborate.

Here is the order that we will be introducing these topics in the workshop: