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It's NOT about the Gadgets


Using technology in education is NOT about the gadgets (although they are really cool!!!). It's about the new opportunities that are available to the students and the teachers. It's about being able to telecollaborate with classes across the state or across the world. It's about writing important things that can be shared with the world.

Join us as we explore some of these areas. Dr. Leigh Zeitz (leigh.zeitz@uni.edu) will take you on a learning opportunities that technology makes possible that you might want to include in your curriculum

Please add to these lists as you find new resources. Change them even as we speak today. This is designed to improve the interactive nature of this learning experience.

Hopefully, this will expand our opportunities to collaborate.

This really is cool!!!!

Here are some of the links to the topics covered in the workshop:

PlainSchoolStuff Wiki -
Pleasant Plains School Wiki originated by Principal Mike Ward.

Polleverywhere.com - take polls through your phone.

Video Conferencing
Skyping in the Spanish Classroom - Middle school students talking between New York and Venezuela.
Skype an Author Network - Find an author to share with your students.
Skype in Schools - Another resource for people who want to Skype.

Lincoln Library Presidential Inauguration Wiki (4th & 5th graders) -
Latino Pride - High School Online Collaboration Writing project in New York
Pleasant Plains, IL on Wikipedia - Yes, Pleasant Plains IS in Wikipedia. Go update it.

The My Hero Project International writing project that celebrates the best in Humanity
Radio WillowWeb- A Podcast by 5th graders about the American Revolutionary War
Learning in Hand - Podcasting resource created by Tony Vincent - creator of Radio WillowWeb

Telecollaborative Projects
Global School Network - International center for telecollaborative projects. Go there to join one or create one.
CityQuest Project - Based in the Netherlands, this is an example of a telecollaborative project where students explored and shared their cities.

Dr. Z Reflects - Dr. Z's reflections on using technology in education (and other things.)
Keyboarding Research and Resources - A collection of research and resources about keyboarding.
Emerging Instructional Technology RWLDs - Readings/Writings/Listenings/Doings that are assigned to the students as homework to prepare for class.

Collaborative Writing
Google Docs in Plain English - short video explaining the basics of Google Docs.

Teachers Doing It
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Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts - Innovative teacher Vicki Davis shows how she expands possibilities in her classroom using technology

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